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   Rescue Bridge™ is the comprehensive, centralized data management system developed by ImageTrend to manage and aggregate Fire/Rescue incident data. With Rescue Bridge, fire departments can manage their incident reporting, inventory, inspections, scheduling and more. Each NFIRS incident and Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) can be submitted through the Web-based form, or through field-based software like EMS Field Bridge™, which is also available directly from ImageTrend.

The same technology that powers Rescue Bridge is incorporated in State Bridge™ for statewide EMS and fire incident reporting and analysis among many departments. ImageTrend powers millions of records each year as the preferred solution of local, regional, city and state users.

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   The mission of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program is to help people live better lives through effective emergency medical services. The EMS Program staff carries this mission forward through the EMS Program administrator, six regional specialists, an EMS education specialist, the statewide trauma specialist and several administrative support persons

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